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What can you win?

“First Store by Alexa” demands extraordinary ideas and awards the best approach with an exceptional prize:

the first store, with six months’ rent free, in Alexa, on Alexanderplatz, Berlin.


Shopfitting & marketing support

To ensure that small start-ups with little starting capital have the greatest possible chance of success, the winner in the category Best Newcomer will receive further assistance: Alexa will make a fixed amount available to cover the cost of store design and shopfitting and will provide marketing support for the store launch in Alexa


Alexa - the Hotspot

The winners thus receive a chance to start their businesses in one of the busiest shopping malls in Europe— with the full support of an ambitious centre management team. It’s a test of your store idea under optimal conditions—with minimal risk and maximum multimedia attention that begins already in the application phase. After six months, a perennial lease can be negotiated on regular conditions if both sides are interested.

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Quality AND Quantity

High footfall
16 million customers visit Alexa annually.

Cosmopolitan flair 

7 million of the visitors are tourists from all over the world.

Potential customers

300,000 people visit Alexanderplatz every day. 

Easy accessibility

Alexanderplatz is Berlin’s largest transport hub.


Centre of stars

Live acts and events with international stars like

David Beckham, Rihanna, Leona Lewis, 50 Cent and Ed Sheeran 

regularly attract thousands of visitors to Alexa.