What is First Store and who can participate?


An international retail Casting

“First Store by Alexa vol. II” is a competition for innovative business ideas Are you an online merchant, a small team or a one-man show? Manufacturer or producer? Established brand or newcomer? Either way. Crucial for your application is: You want to enrich the stationary retail trade with a brand-new concept, and your store would be the first of its kind in the German market.


The prerequisites – in detail

First Store is open to young businesses aiming to open their first store in a prime location. Important is: The experience of the Contestants in the stationary retail have a ultimate local charm. Even established businesses, which so far only distribute their products via other dealers or in online shops, or which intend to bring a completely new concept onto the market, are free to take part in First Store vol. II. In this case, the prerequisite applies: Throughout Germany, no store may exist so far that is based on the concept submitted in the competition.

We hope to see competitors who want to show their dedication and present their personal dreams in the form of new store ideas in Alexa. We don’t want any restrictions on innovative ideas and are totally open to everything new.

Jens Horeis, Head of Property Management, Sonae Sierra


You can download the B2B Alexa magazine and find much more information about Alexa’s exciting world at: www.alexab2b.com

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