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Simply fill out the following fields in the yellow participation box. You will receive the application documents for the “First Store Competition” immediately via email as a download link.

Create application

Create application

Fill out the documents in accordance with the enclosed information.



Provide all required documents together in a .zip file. You can then upload these here. That’s it! Your application for “First Store by Alexa” is on its way!

We would like to send you email newsletters with news about the retail casting competition. We can also send you email reminders about various important steps during the competition and about competition deadlines.

Yes, I would like to receive email reminders about important steps during the competition and about competition deadlines.

Beyond sending you news and reminders, we collect and process the provided personal data only for implementing and managing the retail casting competition “FirstStore by Alexa”. For details, see our Privacy Policy. By sending the form, you agree to the conditions listed there.

The online application

The online application for participation in the competition

The participation process for “First Store by Alexa” is handled online. Applicants have to sign up by 01/06/2018 and complete and upload the dossier to participate in the contest.

How do I take part in the First Store competition?

  1. Fill out the registration form.
  2. Click on the link in the email that you receive.
  3. Download the documents.
  4. Edit the documents according to the specifications and instructions.
  5. Covert your Word documents to PDF files.
  6. Collect all the files in a folder and make sure that all the documents that you want to enclose are there. Compress the folder into a .zip file.
  7. Upload the .zip file (with all the appropriate documents and files) according to the instructions on the upload page.
  8. Deadline for submitting your documents: 01/06/2018

What documents must be submitted or confirmed?

  • Completed entry form (.pdf)
  • Logo or logo design (.eps, .ai, .jpg)
  • 2 Images (store concept) (.jpg)
  • Concept description (.pdf)
    (2 A4 pages ...)
  • Company description / Vita with photo (.pdf) (2 A4 pages)
  • Business plan (.pdf)
  • Current trade register excerpt